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Wee Rabbits Complete Sewing Kit

This kit includes all of the materials necessary to create two of the tiniest, sweetest, wee rabbit stuffed animals you'll ever meet! Includes pattern and complete instructions. The kit is packaged with eco-friendly materials and its contents are entirely natural for the goodness of the earth and your family.

This rabbit hand-sewing kit is best for novice to intermediate crafters with some sewing experience and can be completed entirely by hand or with some machine sewing for strongest seams. Each tiny toy rabbit should take around 30-45 minutes to complete. The finished rabbit stuffed animals are about 2.5" long, but sizes can vary depending upon the stretch of the fabric. Perfect for kids with some sewing experience aged 8 and up, or for adults.

This kit includes:

-2 swatches of up-cycled natural fiber sweaters (most swatches are cashmere, but colors vary)
-Wool batting for stuffing your two rabbits
-Thread to match your included sweater colors
-Black cotton embroidery floss
-Sewing needle
-Illustrated directions and pattern template

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