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About us

A Toy Garden is owned and operated by us, Erika and Pete Gustavson, from our 225-year-old stone farmhouse in the rolling hills of bucolic Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Since the birth of our eldest daughter, we knew that we wanted her to experience the world in a way that would encourage her innate curiosity. We were drawn to Waldorf education, with its holistic approach to each child's natural development, and its focus on the importance of their relationship with the wide world around them.

We've been blessed with two more children since then, and have only increased our love and appreciation over the years for what are termed “Waldorf toys” — solidly constructed from natural materials, beautiful, and designed for open-ended use. Pleasing to the senses, made to be played with, and built to last. 

It is our greatest wish to provide those toys that spark rich and imaginative play, and clothing that frees children to explore and experience the world around them.

Let kids be kids!