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Ink Eraser Pen

Ink Eraser Pen

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Mistakes happen! This ink eraser pen makes it's okay! At one end, it has an ink erasing pen and at the other, a blue pen for writing over the erased area. It measures 6.7" long and .37" in diameter.  Great to combine with one of our Greenfield Roller Ball Pens or Fountain Pens for a perfect gift set! Please note: this eraser will only work on blue ink. We have found it to also be effective on the following inks:

Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue
Lamy Blue
Sheaffer Blue
Waterman Florida/Serenity Blue 
(Parker) Quink Permanent Blue 
(Parker) Quink Washable Blue 

It is not made for use with black ink.

Made in Germany.