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Ice Lantern Kit


Globe Ice Lanterns — enchanting, glacial candle-holders — are enjoyed indoors and outdoors all year ‘round. You and your children will marvel at these wondrous spherical shells of ice, the center of which glows with radiant flame. Mixing fire and ice is as timeless as the world's first lamp-lighters. As a present day fun and beautiful creative endeavor, ice luminaries appeal to young and old alike.

The Wintercraft Ice Lantern Starter Kit is a do-it-yourself kit for making enchanting luminaries made of ice!  It is ideal for a beginner to learn how to make globe ice lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for an outdoor winter activity, but can also be brought or made indoors, if you live in a warmer climate! The candle base that is included prevents the heat of the flame from melting the ice too quickly.

The Starter Kit is a perfect gift as well. Small globe ice lanterns made with this kit are about the size of a soccer ball and weigh up to 14 lbs.   

The Ice Lantern Starter Kit includes 1 Detailed Instruction Guide, 3 Premium Heavyweight Balloons, 3 Clean-burning Candles, 1 Easy-close Clip, 1 Small Freezing Base and 1 Insulating Disk (to enable making in a freezer for year 'round use). Make 3 Globe Ice Lanterns with this kit.

Made in USA.

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