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<i>Home of the Wild</i> by Louise Greig, illustr. by Júlia Moscardó

Home of the Wild by Louise Greig, illustr. by Júlia Moscardó

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“A house is not a home for wild things;
wild things need to run and soar and swim.”

In the quiet dawn of the spring forest a boy finds an orphan fawn, hungry and alone. He carefully carries her home, caring for her while she grows strong. The boy and the fawn become inseparable. Together they spend long summer days running through the glen, leaping over the heather, and lying in the dappled sunlight.

But the young deer is a wild thing and too soon she is ready to discover a home of her own.
The boy misses his friend and worries for her when a big storm threatens. Can the boy and the fawn find each other again? Are some bonds stronger than goodbye?

Lyrical and atmospheric, this beautiful picture book—written by award-winning author Louise Greig and illustrated by Júlia Moscardó—is an uplifting story of belonging, the enduring connection between humans and nature, as well as a tender lesson about learning when to let go of those you love.

(Ages 4–7 years)

Hardcover, 32 pp.

Measures 10.6" x 9.8"