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Choroi Pentatonic Harp - Kinder Lyre


*SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.*

The Choroi Pentatonic Harp is a beautiful way to introduce stringed instruments to younger children. Whether you are playing the harp yourself for rest or bedtime, or children are given the opportunity to try it for themselves, it will be a wonderful listening experience. This harp is pentatonically tuned, meaning that its 7 strings are tuned according to this tone sequence: d’-e’-g’-a’-b’-d’’-e’’. Its soft and open tone stimulates listening and free music making in young children. The harp can be given to children from age five and as their first stringed instrument. It has 7 parallel steel strings.

The amazing thing about the pentatonic scale is that whatever you do with it, it will always sound good. You can let your fingers stroll up and down the strings in any combination of tones and it produces sweet melodies all the time. It creates a light, airy sound that allows you to create music freely without the frustrating struggle with wrong notes or inharmonious sound.

The "fifth tuning", also lies in this sequence. Meaning each open string is tuned to the fifth note of the major scale (called "a perfect fifth"). These tones are g-d-a-e-b. The experience of the five tone scale is one of the fundamentals of all music. You can find it in new and ancient folk music, classical pieces as well as in popular music.

This harp is made of ash wood and measures 18.3 inches x 9.06 inches x 1.97 inches. It has 7 strings and comes with a tuning wrench and manual. A replacement set of strings is available on our site by special order.

Choroi lyres and harps were created through a striving for a characteristic, radiant tone deriving its intensity from the properties of the different types of wood used in their construction. Through carefully formed "organs" inside the instruments, these qualities of the wood are brought into connection with the resonating instrument cavity. Variously shaped sound openings mediate between this inner space and the space around the instrument. Through this interaction, a mobile equilibrium arises, giving the tone a living quality. All the instruments are built with the highest quality craftsmanship from naturally colored, carefully aged wood. In our striving for a beautiful finish, we work with traditional methods, including the use of natural resins and hand polishing.



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