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<i>The Bee Who Lost His Buzz</i> by Reg Down

The Bee Who Lost His Buzz by Reg Down

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The Bee who Lost his Buzz is the illustrated first adventure of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly.  It follows Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse as they help the Bee whose buzz has been snagged by grumpy Mr. Cactus, the Worm who's lost his squirm and cannot wiggle back into the safety of his home, and sail down to the sea to untangle little Octopus who is too young to count properly (he can only count to seven) and gets his legs hopelessly mixed up whenever he tries.

The Bee who Lost his Buzz is an innocent and magical tale suitable for reading to young children or for young children to read themselves.  The illustrations in this book are beautiful and will delight the eyes of the young and the not-so-young alike!

40 pps, 10"x8", paperbound.

Review from the Midwest Book Review, January, 2011:  "Illustrated with soft, watercolor-style artwork throughout, author Reg Down's “The Bee Who Lost His Buzz” is a soft cover anthology of short stories about Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse, who help friends including the Bee whose buzz has been taken away by the cantankerous Mr. Cactus, the Worm who can't make his way home on his own, a tangled young Octopus who can only count to seven, and more creatures. Each warmhearted mini-tale blends into the next, making “The Bee Who Lost His Buzz” flow into a captivating whole. “The Bee Who Lost His Buzz” is ideal for teaching children how much fun reading can be. "

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