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<i>The Lost Lagoon</i> by Reg Down

The Lost Lagoon by Reg Down

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It is spring and Running River is in full flood.  Tiptoes Lightly and Jeremy Mouse visit Greenleaf the Sailor, and they venture forth in Greenleaf's newly made boat.  Soon they are joined by Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the Gnomes and together they search for the Lost Lagoon the frogs have been so beautifully singing about.  Meanwhile, back home, Farmer John reads The Adams Tales to Tom Nutcracker and June Berry.  Later, Tom rides off in the night until he, too, comes to the Lost Lagoon.  What happens on this night, with its majestic, rising moon, is filled with a wonder and magic that won't soon be forgotten.

130 pps, softbound, 6" x 9".  Great for the very young to the very old!  Ages 3 - 9 will enjoy it most.

Review from the Midwest Book Review, January 2011:  "The call of adventure can strike at any time. “The Lost Lagoon”  is a charming story of the flood of Running River in spring, where Tiptoes, Jeremy, and Greenleaf embark on an adventure into the Lost Lagoon. They meet plenty of characters along the way, and make for a fun read for younger readers. With an assortment of illustrations spread throughout, “The Lost Lagoon”  is a fun and recommended pick for younger readers."

Reg Down grew up in Canada, Namibia, South Africa and Ireland.  He trained as a eurythmist, an art of movement and gesture, in England and Germany.  The father of three, he has taught eurythmy in Waldorf schools in Australia, Canada and the United States.  His children's stories arose out of his work with kindergarten and the younger grades.  He is also the author of Leaving Room for the Angels, AWSNA Publications, a book on eurythmy and artistic pedagogy, and Color and Gesture - the Inner Life of Color, Lightly Press.  He lives in Sacramento, California and teaches at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks.