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<i>Little Fairy's Christmas</i> by Daniela Drescher

Little Fairy's Christmas by Daniela Drescher

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A little fairy gets lost in a snowstorm and is blown far away from home. Her poor, thin wings are freezing! As she looks for shelter, she meets a friendly robin and owl who give her food and clothes, and in turn she looks after a little elf boy.

It’s Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is out delivering his presents. Along his way he finds the lost, shivering children, and takes them home, as well as giving them gifts. Together the children have a wonderful Christmas—and finally get warm.

24 Pages, Hardbound, 8 1/3" x 9 1/3".

Daniela Drescher was born in Munich and trained in art therapy before living for a time in America and Switzerland. She has worked intensively with children in a therapeutic capacity for ten years and currently provides illustrations for a parenting magazine. She has written and illustrated several children’s books