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<i>Spindrift: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for Young Children</i>

Spindrift: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for Young Children

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Spindrift contains material for use throughout the year, including more than forty stories, many different cultures around the world.  Based on work in Waldorf kindergartens, this book provides invaluable material for working with young children and will be useful for Waldorf teachers, home schoolers, and parents alike.

First published more than twenty years ago, this book is in its third edition, now reedited and with much new material added.  In addition, the music has been comprehensively edited, with most songs now in the scale of D-pentatonic, which is particularly suited to pentatonic lyres and may be played on any traditional seven-note or twelve-note instrument.  Included is an enlightening introduction by Jennifer Aulie on music in the “mood of the fifth.”

The cover is illustrated in a watercolor by David Newbatt.