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Stockmar Watercolor Paint


These water color paints are known for their clarity, texture and consistent quality. This set of three colors, red/yellow/blue can be combined to make any color and is available in 20 ml (.68 fluid oz) plastic jars.  You may also purchase red, yellow, and blue paints individually.

The Color Circle paints are based on Goethe's "Theory of Colors". The three primary colors, red, blue and yellow have a high spectral purity and transparency. Using these colors, a complete color circle can be created. The color circle paints are particularly suited for use in kindergartens and the first years of school.

Each color in this size is sold individually. 

The pigments contain no heavy metals or dangerous chemicals and are completely non-toxic. The colors are based on the natural gradation found in Goethe's theory of the twelve-part color wheel.

Made in Germany.

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