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Anti-Dust Chalk

Anti-Dust Chalk


We now are offering Mercurius' Anti-Dust Blackboard Chalk.  This is a box of 12 piece giving you colors.  Each piece is 3 1/4" long and a bit more than 1/3" in diameter. These are made of Calcium Carbonate (regular chalk is made from Calcium Sulfate).

This chalk is great for blackboards and is virtually dust-free.  The colors included are brown, yellow, green, orange, dark violet, blue, red, pale blue.  These are softer colors than the ones in the Mercurius Blackboard Chalk we sell.  Great for everyday school use! Made in Holland.

Please note: Occasionally a piece of chalk breaks in transit. We do our best to package them securely but it is possible that they can still break.

This chalk is for children 3 and older - small pieces could be a choking hazard.

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