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<i>In the Light of a Child</i> by Michael Burton

In the Light of a Child by Michael Burton

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Children live deeply in the experience of the seasons. Their unity with nature is initially unconscious and uncritical, and this "Garden of Eden" consciousness gradually fades as they become more self-aware and confront the outer world as I-beings.

The verses in this book help children bridge the gap from their unconscious connection with nature to a living feeling for the seasons that will stay with them through life.

These verses follow the course of the year, as inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul. The book is arranged so that par­ents, teachers, eurythmists, and chil­dren can follow the course of the year in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Softbound, 62pp, 8 1/2" x 10", recommended for parents to read with ages 4-9 year old children.