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<i>Crafting Magical Window Stars</i> by Frédérique Guéret

Crafting Magical Window Stars by Frédérique Guéret

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Learn how to make magical window stars from colored tissue paper, using special paper-folding techniques.

Crafting Magical Window Stars includes step-by-step instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and inspiring color photographs for making twenty-five beautiful window stars, suitable for all seasons. From easy patterns for beginners to more complex designs, each project is assessed for difficulty, allowing one to gradually and confidently develop paper-folding skills.

Perfect for crafting at any time of the year, some projects such as the wintry Frost Flower star and the springtime Daisy star are great for marking the change of seasons.

These dazzling tissue-paper transparencies will brighten your home or school windows throughout the year.

Paperbound, 120 pages, 7.56" x 8.27".

Frédérique Guéret was born in France in 1949. After completing her art training, she developed her own method of paper-folding with tissue paper and first published her window transparencies in 1999.