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Child's Bolga Basket

These small baskets are incredibly versatile, and are especially perfect for children to carry their lunches to kindergarten or grade school. With a cloth napkin tucked over the top, they are the perfect size for little hands and little lunches!

These beautiful baskets are handmade by artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Northern Ghana. They have been made there for decades, providing a livelihood for many local families. Bolga baskets are made out of a natural and sustainable river grass known locally as Kinkanhe. Some of the grass is dyed with vibrant colors and is woven into intricate patterns to make the basket. The handles are wrapped in leather, making them comfortable for a child to carry. There are countless uses for these wonderful handmade baskets. Patterns vary; most are colorful, displaying different geometric patterns. Fair Trade.

Measurements are all very approximate as these baskets are one-of-a-kind, but the Child's Bolga Baskets are roughly 7 to 9 inches in diameter at the top rim.

PLEASE NOTE that some shipping limitations may require that we ship these baskets flattened, which is totally normal. Simply wet with warm water and reshape to your liking.

Fair Trade in Africa:

  • Use sustainable, local Kinkanhe straw in all of our baskets.
  • Families use 100% of the goats that provide leather for the baskets.
  • Practice Fair Trade principals. We strive to create environmentally conscious, community sustaining and economically advantaged conditions for all of our employees and partners.


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