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Lyra Skin Tones Giant Pencils - Set of 12

Lyra Skin Tones Giant Pencils - Set of 12


A set of 12 extra thick 7" long wooden Lyra Giant pencils in 3 different skin tones.  This is a nice addition to colored pencils and allows for more diversity in your child's drawing of people.  

We agree with the statement made by the manufacturer of this product, LYRA, who adds the following note: "We believe that all humans are equal, despite the different colors of their skin. In order to portray this in color, LYRA has created an assortment of Color Giant® pencils incorporating the 12 most common skin colors of the people of our world. That way everyone can be portrayed equally, without discrimination, in the color of their skin. A drawing set for tolerance and understanding.

Made in Germany.


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