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Window Star Kite Paper - Small, Medium, or Large


Our set of 100 sheets of colored wax paper, while traditionally used in the Netherlands for kite making, also is useful for transparencies, folding stars and many other creative projects. It is also food safe. The Christmas Craft Book, Rose Window, and Magical Window Stars each have great instructions for making beautiful stars to give as gifts or hang in a window. Each option contains 100 sheets in 11 Rainbow Colors: Navy 9, Brown 9, Green 9, Purple 9, Yellow 10, Apricot 9, Light Green 9, Orange 9, Pink 9, Red 9 White 9. The kite paper pads do not come with instructions. Made in Germany.

Note about the 70 x 50 cm Roll (option 2):  These are rolled and wrapped in Germany, and occasionally, a sheet may arrive folded or crumpled. Although this cannot be avoided, it is easily remedied! The edges may be ironed on Low Heat with a plain piece of paper below and another on top of the Kite Paper, and your sheets will come out good as new!

Sara of Love in the Suburbs has created a great blog tutorial with pictures and instructions to make Patriotic Window Stars.

The 70 x 50 cm sheets from the roll (option 2) were used to make the large star in the first photo. 



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