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Work the Strings Game Set

Work the Strings Game Set


Amazingly, string games are found in diverse cultures around the world. Inuit and Navajo. African and Australian. Melanesian and Polynesian. And strings didn’t only appeal to children…working with lines and ropes was a skill that went with being a sailor, cowboy, and lumberjack. Showing off skills and engaging in fun, interactive gamesmanship has been part of growing up in many cultures the world over. A spliced rope transforms into a loop! In a matter of seconds turn an object like a teacup into cat’s whiskers! Show off tricks by sleight-of-hand. Learn how to work the strings…it’s fun! Invent patterns and compete for speed!

The package features four lengths of heavy string loops and two wooden circles, as well as instructions to create all kinds of designs using your hands and imagination. From a Jacob's Ladder to the 2-person Cat's Cradle, the clever instructions will help you every step of the way. Perfect for creative kids and parents who want to relive their playground pastimes!


  • 7" L x 6-1/2" W x 1" H

Made in China.

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