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Gnomes Stationary Folder with Set of 8 Note Cards


This set of enchanting note cards includes 8 different illustrations by Danish artist, Peter Nielsen. Each card has a scene of a different gnome and his or her chosen environment. Blank inside with 8 included envelopes.

Printed in Latvia and made from environmentally certified FSC paper. 
The envelopes are made of eco-friendly eucalyptus paper.

- Type-set gnomes - these mischievous gnomes bring disorder to the order of the letters. Their worst enemy are the proofreading gnomes, which are, fortunately, extremely rare.

- Farm gnomes - these helpful gnomes live their lives in the countryside. They live in attics and under roofs and are only afraid of one thing: cats!

- Forest gnomes - they live on the forest floor and are similar to the farm gnomes, but take life much easier.

- Church gnomes - these industrious gnomes are diligent, but a little shy and you almost never see them.

- Christmas gnomes - these festive gnomes are Santa's helpers and celebrate Christmas all the way to March. They get gifts and eat traditional rice pudding every night.

- Winter gnomes - the winter gnomes thrive well in the cold, any provide seeds and food for the birds all winter long.

- Mischief gnomes - these fun-loving gnomes tease each other, animals and humans.

- Ship gnomes - these travel-loving gnomes are friendly and helpful with all the many tasks aboard ship.

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