<i>Tending the Spark: Lighting the Future for Middle School Students</i> by Betty Staley

Tending the Spark: Lighting the Future for Middle School Students by Betty Staley

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The wonder and anguish of raising a youngster in the awkward age of middle school are addressed with true insight and compassion in this comprehensive book on supporting the pre-teen through early teen years. With this help, you can find the spark in your “tween” and help to encourage it to the flame of enthusiasm! The book has received acclaim from psychologists, parents, and teachers who deal with the challenges and hope we all experience with this age group. Real encouragement, deep explanations of the realities inwardly and outwardly, and the aspirations of our children are given in this book.  It has been declared a "must read" by all who do read it!  Looking for help with your middle school or teenager?  Here are some solid answers and some offerings of understanding. You are not alone!



204 pages
6 x 9 inches