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Herbal Play Bean Bags - <b>Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics</b>

Herbal Play Bean Bags - Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics


Our new Set of 8 Beautiful Bean Bags with the Fruit and Vegetable Fabrics are home-made in a variety of quality cotton prints - each with a fruit or vegetable theme -  and are filled with beans and organic herbs (lavender, mint, or chamomile) for a multi-sensory effect. They sound, feel, look, and smell wonderful. These 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" bean bags can be played with, tossed, stacked, counted, matched, slept with, used as doll furniture, carried in wooden trucks, balanced on one's head, juggled, used as weights to hold silks over play stands, moved from basket to basket by busy little children. Made by Sonya. USA.


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