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Spring Play Silks Set

Spring Play Silks Set


Our Spring set gives you 3 hand-dyed 34x35" silks: Spring Meadow Green, Peony Peach, and Hyacinth Purple. These are all 8mm thick, high quality silks manufactured and hand-hemmed in China, and hand-dyed here at A Toy Garden. We hand-dye these in small batches in order to create the subtle variations of color that make each one unique! Hand-dyed, -ironed, and -packaged in Pennsylvania. 

This set is perfect for creating a Spring scene on your nature table!

Need more silks? Check out our Summer, Autumn, and Winter sets, or get all 12 colors!

PLEASE NOTE:  As with all playsilks, sizes vary from silk to silk. They are hand-hemmed, dyed in very hot water, ironed, and each of these processes can change the size of the silks. They are not perfect squares. We find that children do not notice and enjoy each as it is.

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