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Natural Plant-Dyed Play Silk

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When the weather begins to cool slightly at the end of the summer, we collect the materials needed for these beautiful play silks. Our clothesline is adorned with soft color, as one by one, the results of our dye baths are hung.

This process has been done from start to finish, by our family here at A Toy Garden. From harvesting the plants and vegetables to create our dye baths to the almost-magical process of creating dye from these plants, mordanting the silk, dyeing the silk, and finally, ironing and packaging them to send to you.

Our selection of home-naturally-dyed and hand-hemmed (8mm) 35"x35", 100% silk is available in 4 beautiful colors:  lichen, walnut, marigold, and berry. The pale blue-green (lichen) has been dyed in two successive baths, first in goldenrod we collected from our woods, and then in red cabbage we grew in our garden. Walnut has been dyed using the plentiful black walnuts we are gifted from our many walnut trees each year. Marigold has been created using hundreds of marigold flowers from our organic vegetable garden. And berry was made by soaking the berries of wild pokeberry, which grows in profusion in our area. 

Each silk is softly colored and has a sheen that is hard, if not impossible, to recreate using chemical dyes. A true labor of love, the special care given these silks will surely translate into the imaginative play your children will create with them!

We also recommend using these silks as a beautiful base for a seasonal nature table or centerpiece. We hope these silks will be enjoyed by anyone who values this ancient method for dyeing silk and the stunning results it creates!


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